Ana Ibañez

Name of the work: Paisaje Ritual I.
Collection: Ritual Landscapes and Archaeoastronomy. The observation of nature in order to learn its rhythms and adapt human life, a fundamental activity of the Mesoamerican peoples. This piece represents the beginning of the year for the peoples of the Valley of Mexico -12 February- with the sunrise from the Iztaccihuatl Volcano guarded by its eternal companion the Popocatepetl Volcano. Each section of the necklace forms one side of a square which is the representation of the Universe. In the face of today's climate emergency and pandemic, a necessary reflection to redefine the course of our actions towards Mother Earth.
Year: 2021.
Materials used: Silver, obsidian, onyx, laser-cut acrylic of 6 mm from the author's drawing.
Measures\: 61 cms. Each section of the piece is based on the number 13, an important number in the Mesoamerican calendar.
Photo credit: Marco Lara. @marcolarafoto

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